We're passionate about building
the supply chain for space

This decade, and the ones immediately following, will see some of the most exciting times in human history. With the rapid movement to commercialise space and colonise extra-terrestrial bodies, NextAero envisages a revitalised space age that is analogous to the Australian gold rush, or reminiscent of the American Pioneers – courageous humans exploring the unknown for prosperity and curiosity’s sake. Following in their footsteps, we want to transform the supply chain for space to empower humans to go further, reach higher, and one day live on other planets. We’re passionate about growing our ideas to create the technology, but most importantly, the environment for the people that will make it happen. Our mission at NextAero is to enable transformative space products. By starting with building the propulsion systems, we believe that one of the largest barriers of accessing space can be mitigated to allow change-makers to build businesses beyond our atmosphere.

We’re here to enable transformative space.

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