2022 Rocket Engine Testing Season Underway

2022 Rocket Engine Testing Season Underway

The 2022 rocket engine testing season is underway at NextAero.

“This year it’s about preparing the liquid fueled test-stand for commercial use”, said Dr. Thomas Knast, CTO at NextAero. “The test-stand can run on a variety of propellants. Mastering cryogenic liquid oxygen handling and combustion is a key objective of our recent Australian Space Agency grant”

NextAero’s receipt of an A$1m Australian Space Agency Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability grant has propelled the company to provide propulsion and fluid system testing, design, acceptance, and R&D services to the Australian and international market.

“In this first stage we’re making the rocket engine test stand robust and turn-key. After that we have some key technology development projects planned”.

Video summary of the startup engine testing campaign.

The liquid fueled rocket engine test stand can support rocket engines up to 10kN in thrust. “As far as I know it’s the first time commercial liquid fueled rocket engine testing has been available to Australian industry”, said Graham Bell, CEO of NextAero.

“We have a range of clients we’re working with, from small research institutions to the larger firms. The platform simplifies and accelerates what can be done with research funding”.

NextAero perform the engine testing at their private test-site in rural Victoria.

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