Rocket Propulsion Facilities and R&D

NextAero has an established history in R&D rocket engine testing. We can handle the propellant complexity to make your project as easy and successful as possible.

Sample Projects

Propellants We Work With


  • Liquid:
    • Ethanol
    • RP-1 Equivalent
    • Coming Soon – Liquid Methane
    • Coming Soon – Liquid Hydrogen
  • Gaseous
    • Compressed Natural Gas
    • Hydrogen
    • LPG


  • Liquid Oxygen (cryogenic)
  • Gaseous Oxygen
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Compressed Air

Static Propulsion Test Facilities

Short Duration Test Facility

20-1000kg thrust, 15 second duration

Nominal Propellants: LOX/Hydrocarbon (Ethanol, RP-1 Equivalent). Nitrous oxide possible on request.

Highly controllable oxidiser-fuel ratio.

Suitable for:

  • University Projects and Research
  • Rapid R&D
  • Concept Studies


  • 100-1kHz sampling to CSV data file
  • Thrust, chamber pressure, temperature, any pressure throughout either propellant system.

Available Rocket Engine Systems

Breadboard Rocket Engine

R&D Configurable

  • Configurable bi-propellant injector
  • Configurable combustion volume
  • Configurable cooling geometry

Suitable for

  • BYO rocket nozzle (e.g. converging-diverging, aerospike)
  • Combustion performance studies
  • Thermal barrier coating development
  • Rapid performance envelope studies

Aerospike Nozzle

Converging Diverging Nozzle (Bell nozzle)

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