ProjectX Technology Demonstrator

A proof-of-concept additively manufactured 4 kN sea-level thrust aerospike rocket engine driven by a pressure-fed combustion cycle running on compressed natural gas and gaseous oxygen. Featuring a two-piece construction consisting of the rocket engine body and compact altitude-compensating aerospike nozzle design, both part count and high-temperature metal-to-metal seals are minimised. By incorporating the aerospike nozzle design, significant improvements in overall engine efficiency are achieved.

The ProjectX engine was developed as a technology demonstrator to showcase the aerospike nozzle design and the advanced manufacturing techniques used to build it. Built with sub-surface water channels to actively cool the engine, the ProjectX aerospike rocket engine is capable of withstanding the extremely hot combustion temperatures generated during operation.


ProjectX was built, designed, and statically tested with the support of Amaero Engineering, Woodside FutureLab, and Monash University.

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